Processing smart socket measurements with Zabbix

After installing the Tasmota Firmware on my smart socket, it is time to process the measurement results by some application. At home I am using Zabbix, wich has goot graphing possibilities, can be used to set up triggers for specific events, and has a documented API, to retrieve historic data.
In this post I will show how to add the energy monitoring measurements to Zabbix.

Installing Tasmota firmware for the cheap BSD34 smart socket

I have a lot of computers running at home, all connected to the same plug trough a distributor and I wanted to measure the amount of electricity they consume. I could use a $250 manageable PDU for this purpose, but I found it better to buy a $10 Tuya compatible 16A Smart Plug and flash it with the Tasmota Firmware. In this article I describe, how to do it.

Multigigabit situation, February 2020

Multigigabit is a technology for wired LAN connections where the speed exceeds 1 Gbps. In the recent times a lot of new equipment was announced, supporting this technology, this article tries to summarize what is available today and on what price.

Ubuntu Bonding vs PPPoE multilink (3/3)

In this post we will measure the performance on the PPPoE multilink over 2 gigabit connection.

Ubuntu Bonding vs PPPoE multilink (2/3)

In this post we will measure the performance of balance-rr bonding over 2 gigabit ethernet connections.

Ubuntu Bonding vs PPPoE multilink (1/3)

I had a dream, to connect two computers on my Home network with two gigabit ethernet connections and have a 2 gigabit connection to use. However even after a lot of experimenting I could not get real benefits in the everyday use. The closest I could get was the PPPoE multilink setup. In this series of post I will share same of the test results for a normal one gigabit network, a bonded 2 gigabit network and a PPPoE multilink 2 gigabit network.