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Windows 7 immediatly waking up after sleep

At home I have set up a new Windows 7 computer and the intention is to put it to sleep mode when we don't use it, to achieve ~5 sec start time.

When I set it up, I realized, that as soon as I put it to sleep mode, it waked up. After checking the event viewer, it turned out that it received the wake up signal from the network.

Finaly I figured out that on the configuration menu of the Ethernet adapter on the Power Management tab, I had to check that only allow magic packet to wake up computer.

This solved the problem immediately.

Custom firmware for everything

I like very much custom firmware and altrough I have very little experience with it, I like very much reading about it.

So here is a list of links to different custom firmware sites:

Firmware for MP3 players - RockBox

Firmware for Canon cameras - CHDK

Firmware for Western Digital Media Players - B-RAD

Firmware for Asus O!Play Media Players - MiniModding

Firmware for Samsung TVs - SamyGo

Firmware for Raidsonic NAS-1000/NAS-2000 NAS devices -

Firmware for routers:



Tomato firmware

Freetz for AVM FritzBox