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Trying to reach the highest disk speed on home server

Last autumn, before installing my Ubuntu home server I had great plans to do network file speed benchmarks between different operating systems to select the best operating system for my home server. The plan was excellent, but after a bit more than one month of testing I realized, that if I ever want to have that server up and running I should cancel these tests and go strait to the installation. In this post I will write about the results in that month.

Original intention

The plan was simple, I had the new hardware for the server, I had installation disks for Windows Server 2008 R2, Ubuntu, OpenSuse and Solaris. On the client side I had a quad processor 2 gig memory computer with Windows 7 RC, Windows XP and OpenSuse 11.1 and had an older computer with and old Athlon processor running at 2 GHz and 1 Gig of memory. So I intended to install all 4 server operating systems, test them from the 3 client operating system available on the faster client machine and from the XP on the slower ma…