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Accessing WAP sites from a desktop computer

Sometimes you may need to access WAP sites from your desktop computer, for example if you want to save a downloaded java game or you want to access some information on WAP which is normally only accessible from a phone.

There are two problems to be solved:
user agent setting for the browser - you may need to change this, in order to make the web site think that you are browsing it from a mobile phoneusing the operator's wap network, because some content is only available if you are accessing it from the operators network.Changing user agent
For the first, theeasiest solution is to use Firefox and then change the 'general.useragent.override' setting of the browser for example to:
to simulate a Nokia 6230.
You can check your browsers user agent on this web page.
For a list of user agent string for different phones go here.
Using the WAP network
The easiest way of connecting your computer to the WAP…