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Setting up Windows Mobile smartphones for network access

Setting up a Windows Mobile device corretly for accessing internet, corporate network, MMS and WAP is not a trivial task and on the top of it it can not be done using only the user interface provided on the device.

The easiest way of doing it is to create a special XML file, containg the needed settings, then put it into a cab file, which can be simply installed on the device.

In this post there will be a short overview of the handling of the different networks in a WM device, then there will be the explanation of the configuration file created for the Pannon nework in Hungary and then some references will be given to further setting possibilities.

As oposed to other mobile phones, where you have to set the gprs connection manually for each application, in windows mobile there is a rather complex system, which tries to figure out automaticaly from the web address used, that which connection to use.

Let's see, how this works:

First the address is compared to the Mappings an this decides…