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Installing Ubuntu Server 14.04 on Intel SS4200 NAS

Some years ago I bought an Intel SS4200 NAS, specially for the purpose to install custom "firmware" on it. It has a standard PC hardware with an 1.6 Ghz Celeron processor, 4 bays for SATA drives and it has a community dedicated to HW and SW modifications.

Originally I have installed Ubuntu Server 10.04 on it using an external flash drive, but recently I refreshed the system to Ubuntu Server 14.04 on a Compact Flash card connected to the internal IDE connector using adapter.

Here I will describe how I have installed 10.04 and how I did it for 14.04. I did the installation only once, I have some toughs that were I could have done it more easy, but after the system became operational I did not go back and test if the simplifications working in theory would work in practice.

Unfortunately after a lot of experimenting, it turned out, that the pata_legacy driver is painfully slow and the normal drivers coming with Ubuntu 14.04 doesn't recognize the parallel ATA interface …