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Hardware of the Ericsson W25

Before looking at the hardware of the Ericsson W25, I would like to emphasize once more the importance of changing your passwords in the router. This morning I found very nice traces of an attack against my router in the logs:

Oct 30 08:31:37 (none) auth.err sshd[9534]: error: Could not get shadow information for root
Oct 30 08:31:37 (none) sshd[9534]: Failed password for root from port 60418 ssh2
Oct 30 08:31:41 (none) sshd[9536]: Illegal user andrew from
Oct 30 08:31:41 (none) auth.err sshd[9536]: error: Could not get shadow information for NOUSER
Oct 30 08:31:41 (none) sshd[9536]: Failed password for illegal user andrew from port 60649 ssh2

and this went on for 900 more lines. Apparently someone was trying to log into my router by trying out username/password pairs. The original Ericsson password for root is so easy, that probably the attacker would have succeeded.

But, now lets turn to the HW:

It is based on the Intel…

Accessing the command line interface of the Ericsson W25

The first step if you want more from your Ericsson W25 is to gain access to its command line interface. The command line interface (CLI in the future) can be accessed over the network either by telnet or ssh protocol. Telnet is available only from within your local network, and for accessing it you can use the telnet command built into Windows: telnet
The ssh access is available both from the internal network and from the internet and you should use an ssh client like PuTTY to access it.

There are two user names available for the CLI: root and operator. You can find their default password in the document about SW upgrade on
Once you have logged in, you find yourself in a linux environment. Linux commands like ls, pwd, mount etc. will work.

There are two specific commands for the router: cf and st.

The cf command is used to set and retrieve the parameters of the router. When called without parameters it gives a help about the available commands. Th…

Ericsson W25 Fixed Wireless Router Introduction

A fixed wireless router means a device which is connected to the internet using a mobile network and it distributes the internet access for a home/small office network using wired and/or wireless LAN. The reason for using this kind of devices is either because where you live/work you do not have a fixed internet or simply because the price for a mobile internet can be lower than for a fixed one.

The Ericsson W25 is a GSM/UMTS/HSDPA one, it can be used on GSM or UMTS networks. The theoretical maximal donwload speed is, 7.2 Mbit/sec with HSDPA, but today only very few carriers support this and even if it is supperted you can not reach this speed. The network which I am using supports only 1,8 Mbit/sec where I live and even with this theoretical possibility I can not reach higher speed than 1,4 Mbit/sec. However this speed is almost 3 times higher than my previous internet connection which was an outdoor WLAN based 512 k connection.

Beside the internet access this device has the possibilit…

What is networking at home about?

Altough networking is used more when people are getting connected, in my case this is about computer networks at home. What you can expect here are some rather technical articles about what I have done or what I wanted to do in my home LAN.

The first blogs will be about the Ericsson W25 router which is a mobile network to WLAN router.