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Difference between W25 SW and Netgear WNR2000v2 SW

Recently I bought some used Netgear 300 M routers for a very affordable price and I have checked a bit of the internal structure of the SW that came with that router.

It was very interesting to look at the architecture of this software as it was quite different from the one found on W25.

The first positive surprise is that Netgear provides the complete build environment for the router with a lot of source codes and instructions on how to build the firmware. I have actually not tried to build the firmware, but when checking the details of the operation I could find all the relevant source files. As far I know Ericsson has never released the source code of the W25, probably violating the GNU licence of lot of its components.

On the other side the structure of the W25 is much nicer, it is like a mini linux machine keeping most of the conventions of the desktop linux operating systems. The configuration is stored in the /etc directory, the standard tools to set up the network and other p…

Android phone not syncing with Google account

Recently I run two times into the above mentioned problem, and the reasons were obvious, so I share the common reasons with you:

1) Adding new calendar event on the phone

When you add a new calendar event on your phone, according to the defaults settings it is added to the local calendar on your phone which is not synchronized to your Google  account. Once you have done this, you can not correct it, you have to add it again to your Google calendar, but to avoid this mistake you should always check that the appointment is added to to correct calendar.

2) The Google account not syncing at all

In this case none of the mail, calendar or contacts is syncing, you can go to your accounts, you see that synchronization is enabled for all of them, but the latest synchronization is some days old, and even if you ask for an immediate synchronization nothing happens. The reason for this in my case was that the available free space went down, and I had already a notification icon. It was a bit stran…