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Setting up a 4G modem with network USB emulation with OpenWRT on the MPR-L8 or A5-V11

In my previous post, I have explained how to setup a 3G/4G modem with USB connection emulating a serial device, in this post I will explain, how to set it up with a modem emulating network connection on the USB interface, like the ZTE MF-821D. The same method applies if you want to use an Android phone as a modem.

NAS migration and checking with md5

Recently I have migrated from my home made NAS server (no-name desktop PC with Ubuntu 1404 Server) to a sweet Synology DiskStation 414. I this post I will write about the migration process, about how I have migrated from a 10 TB LVM configuration to a 12 TB Raid5 configuration and how I have checked, using md5 hashes, if all files were copied without any error.