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Linux Storage LAB: Using OpenDedup to store VM virtual images

Deduplication means, that when saving data to disks, if the same data is stored once more, then only a reference is stored and space is saved. OpenDedup is an open source online (real-time) deduplication solution, with one of the goals to provide a solution for storing Virtual Machine images, where big parts of the images could be duplicated. In this article we test OpenDedup, both from speed and compression point of view.

Linux Storage LAB: Extending Raid volume in LVM

This is a test performed on an Ubuntu 1604 virtual machine, to verify, how you can expand a SW RAID, which is used trough an LVM by a file system, without losing data.

EXIF Tagging and international caracter sets

I have just scanned approximately 2000 slides from my parents and I decided to tag them, to make it easier to search among them. The goal is to store the tags inside the jpg files, and to be standardized, not dependent on any specific software. The first idea is to use the standard EXIF fields for this purpose.

Custom Firmware on Lenovo P70A

I have been using my Lenovo P70A for almost one year until now, but recently I get more and more feedback from my partners, that they do not hear what I am saying, when we are talking over the phone. This is some kind of audio problem of the phone, so I thought that this can be fixed by upgrading the firmware of the phone,  so I started to experiment with custom firmware. In this blog I explain all the details of upgrading firmware, making backup of your actual firmware and data, and about the tools related to the firmware upgrading.

Virtual Box on Ubuntu Desktop 1604

Oracle VirtualBox runs well on Ubuntu 1604 host, but you should know how to set it up to have a good user experience with it.

It this article I will show you 4 pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

1. Default installations fails referring to kernel module failed
2. Can not connect remotely with RDP
3. Windows guest display is flickering/unity menu overlaps guest full screen
4. Can not set second screen to full screen