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Root command line access for MPR-L8 / A5-V11 mini 3G routers

These small routers have a built in telnet service, which can be reached by telneting to the router with your favorite telnet client (e.g. Putty). The user name is admin and if you have not changed the password it is also admin.

Fixing modem detection problems on MPR-L8 or A5-V11 mini 3G routers

If you have one of these modems you may have encountered the problem, that on first try your USB 3G modem is working very well, and later it is not working at all. In this post I will explain a very easy trick, on how to fix this issue.

MPR-L8 (HAME MPR-A1) firmware update and firmware images

The MPR-L8 is very nice and cheap mini router, having also an USB port and a built in battery. From the factory it has a very capable firmware, providing support for 3G dongles for mobile internet sharing, media and file sharing from USB devices and compared to its very small size has all the filtering and port forwarding functions, that normal sized routers provide. Unfortunately the factory firmware is not very stable and we may want to add additional functionality like support for 4G modems or use it as an OpenVPN client to connect easily to home network from any location. All this is possible by flashing an OpenWRT firmware and setting it up according to our needs.