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Installing Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS from pendrive on an old PC to create a NAS

I have a pretty old PC from 2003 which I have been using for some time as a NAS. It is a standard desktop PC (self built), but it has 8 IDE hard drives ranging from 200 Gbyte up to 500 Gbyte. The total capacity of the drives is around 2 T and I just decided to give a refresh to the system to back up my digital videos to it.

I have been using FreeNAS 7.2, which is pretty nice, but it is BSD based and as I have more experience with linux and especially with Ubuntu Server so I decided to upgrade to that one.

Here comes a short guide on how to setup Ubuntu Server on a machine to work as a simple NAS.

Installing Ubuntu Server from pendrive (Flash memory)
Today this should be a strait forward thing, you take the installation ISO image, with some tool you copy it to a pendrive you plug it into the machine and install it, but in my case I run into plenty of problems. By the end I have solved all of them, but here is a list of how to solve them one by one.

1) Copy the ISO to a pendrive: I have…