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Cleaning file names in XBMC before scrapping

XBMC is an excellent media center for use on a lot of different platforms. Beside the various playback possibilities it has a very good scrapping and library functionality, which means, that based on the video file name, it can download DVD cover, director, actors and all kind of useful information. When using the program you can select the movie based on all this nicely presented information and pictures and not only the equally looking file names.

During scrapping - when the data is collected from different movie databases on the internet (like IMDB) -  XBMC first tries to figure out the movie title from the file name and then calls a plugin, which then retrieves the data from the internet.

In this post I will discuss, that how the file name to movie title conversion is working. The here mentioned  cleandatetime and cleanstrings can be customized in advancedsettings.xml, so you are able to finetune the process.
The file name is matched against thecleandatetime; a regular expression s…