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Installing Lubuntu 13.10 on Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L7320

My 75 years old mother was using very happily an Amilo L7320 laptop with Ubuntu 10.04, but after an (non intended) upgrade to 12.04 the machine became very slow, and sometimes crashing. Looking into it revealed, that the machine has slowed down very much and even on the command line is vas extreemly slow.

After some considerations I have decided to use Lubuntu 13.10, in order to have a supported operating system, which is designed to run on older hardware.

For some unclear resons the USB installers created with the normal USB creation tools (Unetbootin, UniversalUSBInstaller, LinuxLiveUSBCreator) were not working so finaly I have used a rewritable CD to install the operating system.

The installation was strait forward, the installer run without any problem, but after restarting we got an empty black screen :-(

Fixing video display problems

For the impatient I continue straight with the solution, but later I will provide some information about how could I identify the problem.

So putti…