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Home server based on Ubuntu Server 9.10

I have just bougth a new HW to replace my pretty outdated home server and decided to install Ubuntu server on it. The hardware itself is a standard desktop PC, with and Athlon II X2 CPU and 4 Gigabytes of RAM. This amount of RAM is only needed because I plan to run Virtual Machines on the server, which is consuming a lot of memory. I have 3 SATA disks in the machine one with 250G and two each 1T. The 250G disk is ment for the system, while the 2 bigger disks will form the 2T data storage part.

The basic networking funcions like DHCP, DNS are provided by a Ericsson W25 3G router so this server is mainly to provide storage for the Windows and Linux computers at home. As a server running continuosly consumes a lot of power, this server can be remotely shut down and waken up, to run only when it is needed.

So here are the steps of the installation:

Install Base System: Download the Ubuntu Server 9.10 64 bit version and do a standard installation. I have used a 20 G install partition and ac…

Ericsson W25 Administration manual and root password available

On their support forum Ericcson made available the Administation manual which also includes the passwords needed to get root access to the 3G router.

This gives the possiblility for every owner, to get access to the Linux inside the box, and do some customization like DynDNS, WEB server, speed tests automatic restarts and more.