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Installing Ubuntu 1404 to Intel SS4200 NAS on external pendrive

The Intel SS4200 is a, now already discontinued, NAS product, with the advantage that it is an x86 computer, designed to hold 4 SATA HDD drives, which makes it ideal candidate  to install Ubuntu Server on it.

After the unsuccessful installation to a bulit in  CF card in my previous blog, finally I decided to install the operating system to an external pendrive.

Here is how to install it:

Install Ubuntu Server 1404 on the pendrive

The easiest way is to set up a virtual machine on your PC (I have used VMWare Player), where you connect the pendrive to the virtual machine, connect the Ubuntu Server Install CD image as the CD rom and simply install the Server to the pendrive. In the SW selection select OpenSSH, Samba and LAMP, the later for the case if you would like to do some custom web interface to your box. When installing GRUB, install it to the MBR of the pendrive.

After installation, try if it is working in the vitrual machine, but as VMWare Player do not boot images from pendrive, …