Hardware of the Ericsson W25

Before looking at the hardware of the Ericsson W25, I would like to emphasize once more the importance of changing your passwords in the router. This morning I found very nice traces of an attack against my router in the logs:

Oct 30 08:31:37 (none) auth.err sshd[9534]: error: Could not get shadow information for root
Oct 30 08:31:37 (none) auth.info sshd[9534]: Failed password for root from port 60418 ssh2
Oct 30 08:31:41 (none) auth.info sshd[9536]: Illegal user andrew from
Oct 30 08:31:41 (none) auth.err sshd[9536]: error: Could not get shadow information for NOUSER
Oct 30 08:31:41 (none) auth.info sshd[9536]: Failed password for illegal user andrew from port 60649 ssh2

and this went on for 900 more lines. Apparently someone was trying to log into my router by trying out username/password pairs. The original Ericsson password for root is so easy, that probably the attacker would have succeeded.

But, now lets turn to the HW:

It is based on the Intel XScale 425 development platform which is designed for voice gateway applications.

It has the following elements:
  • Intel® IXP425 network processor at 533MHz
  • a built in ethernet switch
  • 2 usb 2.0 ports
  • a usb 1.0 port
  • 2 fxs phone ports
  • 16 megabytes flash rom
  • 16 megabytes ram
  • two mPCI connectors

In the Ericsson W25 in one of the mPCI slots there is a Sierra Wireless mc8775v hsdpa modem and in the other a Broadcom BCM4318 802.11 WLAN card.

In the next post I will write about the basic software of the router.


Sven said…

Have you tried replacing the MC8775V Sierra Hsdpa card with a more modern HSUPA model?
I read in one of your posts that you were about to try putting a MC8780 in.

I think that there are even newer versions like MC8780V and MC8792V that support 5,76 mbit/s but maybe they won't be accepted.

The Ericsson W25 is a great unix based router. Probably one of the best 3G routers out there.
Lacó said…
No I have not tried it, I was planning to add an external USB modem (which are pretty cheap if you buy them from your provider), but finaly I did not do it.

Now I have a netbook with linux running on it, with an usb modem as my 3G router at home, which is even better than the W25. I still have the W25 as a backup solution of the other is not working.

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