External WEB server on Ericsson W25

After you have implemented the DynDNS for your W25 the next thing would be to have an external WEB server.

As the W25 has a built in WEB server, it is only one line to start a web server. The command you should use is httpd.

To start an external web server serving pages from the "web" directory of the connected Flash drive, issue the following command:

httpd -i ppp0 -h /mnt/C2F8-E4F2/web

This will start the web server from on the ppp0 interface, with the home directory being /mnt/C2F8-E4F2/web. The index file should be index.html.

For all possible options to httpd issue httpd --help. To see the possibilities in the configuration file, go to the Busybox homepage and look at the examle coinfigutration file provided in the source for httpd.


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