Available linux commands in the Ericsson W25

I have created a list of the available command in the W25. Most commands give you a short help if you invoke them with the -h parameter, but where I have found, I have added a link to the description of the command.

Unfortunately this is from an older SW relese R6A019, but still most of the comands are valid:

List of Ericsson W25 linux comands

Where you see that the size of the file is 515908 these are the BusyBox commands.


Anonymous said…
Hi - thanks for this list. I tried to telnet into my unit as root, but I wasn't able to. I saw reference to the default root password being 'root', but this is not the case, and I tried a few more obvious ones. The provider that sold me the unit knows nothing about this. How did you obtain you root password?

Thanks, Michael
Anonymous said…
Hi, nice blog on the W25. You seem very dedicated, and it's hard finding useful info to tweak the W25.

I am trying to telnet or ssh into the router, but as Micheal has said, the usual root/root or operator/operator as being easy ones, didn't work at all. I was looking for it in all the manuals; the User and Quick start guides, but there are no password mentioned there.

Also, I don't seem to be able to fine the W25 Administrator's Guide. It's mentioned in the User and Quick start manual, but it's not on the Ericsson box or in the CD at all. It's also not on their site or anywhere online!

Can you please give us a few pointers on this?

Last but not least, I am getting heavy fluctuations on my W25, due to being slightly far from my provider's tower, and there are too many buildings blocking. Have you tried or tested any antenna that can provide a good boost? Do you recommend getting those Mobile boosters, or 7dbi (or higher) antennas to improve the situation?

Thanks for keeping this site up, it's a great info for W25 users.

Lacó said…
Sorry for getting back soo late, but somehow the notification on a new comment is not working for me.

Regarding the password and the admisistrators guide, the intention of Ericsson is not to let the end users into the box, therefor they do not publish the root password and do not make the Administrators guide available. Earlier I could find a copy of the Administrators guide by searching with Yahoo (Google did not found it), but it is now removed (Ericsson is improoving their security).

I was lucky because I had a unit with the standard root-root password so I could get the access quiclky.

Regarding the antenna, I am using an external antenna and it improved very much the reception. I have installed it to the attic and tried it in several directions, until I found a station with relatively few other users. As far as I remember my antenna is a 14 db one, but I am not pretty sure, I got it from an expert from my operator.
Anonymous said…

I just got my W25 and upgraded it to R10. I thought some bugs would go away but I'm a bit disapointed that it still says "Bläddra.." instead of "Browse.." on the file-buttons. Swedish is not even a language option! :-(

But there are more serious issues, maybe you can help me?

1. How do I get remote access to work? There are not special field for this so I tried the NAT-page and set an outside port to It didn't work, nor did "" to port 80.
My workaround is to open RDP (3389) to a PC in the inside at use the "internal" webbrowser to access W25. But I don't want to have a PC on just for this puropse.

2. It seems like you can't have any other subnet than 192.168.1/24. If I change to .5.1 or anything else I get an errormessage. Maybe known bug?

3. Is there anyway to view what IP-address a sertain node got? I can only find MAC of wireless devices. A DHCP-list would be nice.

4. DynDNS would have been nice to have as the ISP is changing IP quite frequently. Now my "inside" PC is updating DynDNS but it's a bit unreliable.

..now, I read the TR-list for the W25 and they have some other issues to handle too and some will not be fixed at all! :-o


/Per E.
Lacó said…
Hi Per E.!

This fays I have very few time to spend on this :-(

Regarding your questions:

1)It is easlity possible that you can not set that up from the WEB interface. As I have root access to the unit so I am using an SSH connection to get into the unit.
If you would have root access you could enable the web interface to the outside, but also for that you need the root password.

2) I have not tried this, however it is good practice to change from the defaults settings.

3) Aigain if you can log in, then there is a command for this something like dumpleases.

4) The answer is always the same, if you have root access, then I have earlier made a post about how to do DynDNS.

What is TR list and where can you read it?

I have started to write a framework, which would enable to install additional modules to the W25, allowing external developers to extend it's functionality, whithout altering the original FW, but it takes too much time, and I am almost not progressing with it (probably it will be never operational).
Anonymous said…
Hi again!

I now upgraded to R11B. We'll see if it's more reliable than the R10C. I'm going to have to try your DDNS-solution as I loose contact with my node quite a lot.

It would actually be nice so just send an SMS to the W25 and get a reply with current IP-settings!

Anyway, TR = Trouble Report (Ericsson abriviation). You can get it together with the new SW.

Anonymous said…
..btw, do you know the "new" root-password for the R11A-release for the SW?

If would be nice to be able to start som services on the W25 that is now running on a PC (wget)..

Lacó said…
Password is a difficult issue. If you have the root password, then you can read out the default password, but if you don't have it, then it is quite difficult to get it :-(

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