Installing Huawei E220 on Windows 7

I have an E220 Mobile Broadband modem and I had some probles getting it installed under Windows 7. After some experimenting I sucessfully managed to install it both under Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit.

The main process is described here:

There are 2 additional tricks needed:

1) Before this procedure install MobileConnect or whichever connection manager program form the device (you have to do this before installing the latest driver, because this step replaces the drivers).

2) After this procedure I still had only the Huawei CD device recogized and no serial lines, so from the device manager I had to remove the CD device and immediately after that, the device was recognised as composite USB device and the serial devices were recognized.

Good luck.


BurnettX360 said…
Very offtopic, but I'm in need for the wget command for the Ericsson W25. However my firmware is 12C. Can you tell me how I can get this file? I've tried the squash extract method but I fail in that.
Unknown said…
Greetings Lacó! I have the W25, but my situation is that the network provider is limiting the data usage, I don't want that ( the up load is worst than the modem 6.3 KB/sec up and 7.6 KB/sec dwn but when I got the full connection the most high speed is 7 KB/sec up and 250 KB/sec dwn)I noticed that every time the modem reset (Traffic Statistics go to 0 all of them) I have the "full connection". My question is: Unlocking the modem will help me to resolve this problem? Is there anything I can do to the w25 to have the full connection or is any line that I have to write to increase the internet speed? I have a PS3 but I can't play online due to the restriction on type of connection I have. I try to use the telnet and try the enter the web page you have in one of your post to have the password for the root user but no luck, please if you have the generic pass for enter ass root user let me know. Please advice and thanks in advance.
Lacó said…
Dear J!

The bandwidth restrictions are done on the newtork side by the mobile operators, so you can not "hack" your W25 to get faster speed.

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