Accessing W25 rw partition externally

Sometimes you may want to read all the files on your router on a desctop computer, you can do it the following way:

  1. Somehow get the binary content of the mtb5 partition (if you have cli access to the router you can use hexdump, or if you have access to the bootloader probably there is also a way to do it)
  2. Convert it to endiannes with jffs2dump -b -c -e output input
  3. Follow the steps here to mount the filesystem:
It seems that jffs2dump is a bit buggy, so you not always can access all the files.


Bruno Freitas said…
Good morning,
I really need your help, my W25 is updated with the release
R12F, I tried all users to access, user root operator, they probably have changed already reseted all, have some form of access so that I can change this password, because I need to unlock to use any SIM card. thank you very outset.

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