Samba "guest account" not working as expected

In a Samba installation I was trying to set up a Share, where any user without authetication is assigned to a certain Unix user, to have the propper rights ro read the content presented there.

After reading the Samba manual, the solution which came to my mind was to do the following setup:

guest only=yes
guest account=user

But this was not working and not globally readable files (which had permission for the user user) were not readables.

After reading a bit mode the manual, I found, that guest only is not enough it shoucl always be acompanied with guest ok.  I have tried this also, but still no lock.

After a lot of debunning and looking very stupidly, it come to my mind, that let's try to use the force user directive. I have constructed the following setup:

guest only = yes
guest ok = yes
force group = users
force user = user

and yes, this was working perfectly, the user's permissions were used in the filesystem.


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