Root command line access for MPR-L8 / A5-V11 mini 3G routers

These small routers have a built in telnet service, which can be reached by telneting to the router with your favorite telnet client (e.g. Putty). The user name is admin and if you have not changed the password it is also admin.

After logging in you will have a BOC router> prompt, and a very limited set of commands available.

Here if you enter the command "runshellcmd" you will get a full functional linux shell.

A now you can do all funny things like:

  1. backup your firmware (cp /dev/mtdx /mnt/sda/xxx) to a plugged in pendrive
  2. fix modem recognition problems with usb_modeswitch
  3. change all settings with nvram
  4. flash a new firmware with mtdwrite or simply copying the new firmware to /dev/mtd3


Anonymous said…
Thanks. I'm wondering if the USB is stable on here? I want to put OpenWRT on it and connect it to the wired LAN on my router to use as an FTP server
Lacó said…
The whole thing is not very stable, but the USB is not less relaible than the rest of the router. So I propose that you experiment with it.

Im my blog you will find some instructions on how to install OpenWRT on it.

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