Ericsson W25 time syncronization

Using the default ip network based time sycronization has two disadvantages:

  • As you can not set time zones your device will run always on GMT

  • In the current SW version the ntp daemon is crasing after some days so you will loose syncronization

You can change it to cellular based syncronization with the following commands on the command line interface:

# cf set sntp.enabled false

# cf set cellular.celltime true

# cf commit

This will use your local time and will run forever.

I have implemeted this 2 days ago, but it turned out that you can use this only if you have good enough coverage, othervise you will not get the time from the cellular network. So I swicthed back to the ip network based syncronization and I will write a script to periodically restart the time syncronization process.


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