Speed measuring script for Ericsson W25

Earlier I had speed problems with my unit and I wanted to make sure if it is only perception or if it is a real speed problem.
The concept what I have implemented was, that the unit should make a test every 15 minutes to check the download speed of the cellular connection. Then the result with some other relevant information is added to a file stored on the external USB flash drive.

So here is the script:
wget -q -O /dev/null http://www.ericssonw25.com/pdf/w25_V1.2_R6A019.zip &
wget -q -O /dev/null http://www.ericssonw25.com/pdf/W25_Users_Guide_D.pdf &
wget -q -O /dev/null http://www.ericssonw25.com/pdf/W25_Users_Guide_C.pdf &
sleep 3;
bejovo=`cat /proc/net/dev |grep ppp0 |cut -d":" -f2 |awk '{print$1}'`;
sleep 5;
bejovo1=`cat /proc/net/dev |grep ppp0|cut -d":" -f2 |awk '{print$1}'`;
kill `pidof wget`
echo `date '+%Y.%m.%d %H:%M'` `echo $bejovo $bejovo1 |awk '{print (($2-$1))/640}'` kbps `msctl rscp` `msctl ecio` `mctl issue at*cnti=0 |grep CNTI` >>/mnt/C2F8-E4F2/speed ;
It does the following:
  1. The first 3 lines starts a download from 3 different places. In my example I have used the same server for all of them, but when installing it for yoor computer you should select 3 different servers, if possible from different countries.
  2. After 3 seconds I start the real measurement, by querying the actual bytes received from the ppp0 interface
  3. After 5 seconds, I check the new bytes received in the ppp0 interface, stop all the ongoing downloads
  4. Finally I echo the date, the measured speed, the rscp, the ecio and the type of cellular service used to the speed file on the USB flash memory.
When installing you schould change the files to download and the place where you want to store the measurement result.
The result is something like this:
2007.12.20 11:30 1321.15 kbps RSCP: -77 dBm Ec/Io: -3.5 dB *CNTI: 0,HSDPA
2007.12.20 11:45 1328.03 kbps RSCP: -77 dBm Ec/Io: -6.5 dB *CNTI: 0,HSDPA
2007.12.20 12:00 1215.91 kbps RSCP: -75 dBm Ec/Io: -5.0 dB *CNTI: 0,HSDPA
2007.12.20 12:15 1421.46 kbps RSCP: -77 dBm Ec/Io: -4.0 dB *CNTI: 0,HSDPA
2007.12.20 12:30 1318.56 kbps RSCP: -76 dBm Ec/Io: -7.5 dB *CNTI: 0,HSDPA
2007.12.20 12:45 1302.59 kbps RSCP: -76 dBm Ec/Io: -4.5 dB *CNTI: 0,HSDPA
2007.12.20 13:00 1300.31 kbps RSCP: -75 dBm Ec/Io: -5.5 dB *CNTI: 0,HSDPA
2007.12.20 13:15 1230.03 kbps RSCP: -79 dBm Ec/Io: -5.0 dB *CNTI: 0,HSDPA
2007.12.20 13:16 1296.04 kbps RSCP: -75 dBm Ec/Io: -5.5 dB *CNTI: 0,HSDPA
2007.12.20 13:30 1229.59 kbps RSCP: -77 dBm Ec/Io: -6.5 dB *CNTI: 0,HSDPA

I am on a 1,8 Mpbs HSDPA network and the highest speeds I have measured are arround 1400 kbps. This is measured with an external antenna.
A nice chart made earlier


Unknown said…
Hi Lacó

Nice work on the script. I'm looking into the relationship between download speed and RSCP and Ec/Io.

From your graph there doesn't seem to be strong correlation. What's your opinion on working out potential download speed based on RSCP or Ec/Io?

If you have more raw data available I'd love to run matlab over it and see what it throws up.


Lacó said…
Hi Richard!

I have several month of raw data collected, if you can provide me with a way to send it, I will send it to you.

Unknown said…
Hi Lacó,

Thanks for getting back to me! I'll sort out an ftp account tomorrow that you can use to send the data to.

As I mentioned I'm trying to measure any correlation between RSCP or EC/IO to download speed, so your measurements would be great - I've just received my w25 so it would take me a while to get any useful data.

I'll let you know the account details by email tomorrow.

Best regards,

Unknown said…
Or if you want to mail me I'm


Unknown said…
Hi Lacó

Could you put the file on ftp.mee.tcd.ie in the upload directory?

i'll let you know any results I get.



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